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Aging, Wellness, and Purpose

Welcome and thank you for joining me in an odyssey into the world of aging, wellness and purpose.

My Journey

This blog represents my journey of over twenty years in search of healing. What began as a search for a cure became a search for meaning. I came to appreciate that rather than dreading getting old, I was entering a world of new possibilities.

It is not a recipe for living well but a guided process based on my personal experience. Like any process, it goes in many directions, often leading to a blind alley but always moving forward.  I hope that my experience and what I've learned on this journey will inspire you to take charge and find meaning and fulfillment in this final stage of your life.

Although I will be speaking primarily to older woman, who like myself, are transitioning into the final stage of life, what I have to say is equally important to younger women and men who face these same challenges.

Eden Consulting

Generally there will be a new posting each week. You can follow the posts sequentially or by topic. Through this blog I hope that you will realize that you are not alone on the journey. I invite you to add comments about your shared experiences.

Unless otherwise indicated the photographs in this blog are my originals. They may not be reproduced without my express permission. They can be found in the About Me on the menu.

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