If anything can make me feel my age it is technology. I know I’m not alone. You have just figured out how to turn on your new phone when a completely different one comes on the market.  You just joined Facebook when everyone has moved on to Instagram or some other form of social media. The expensive digital camera that you bought three years ago sits on the shelf as your android takes amazing photos.

Oh God!
Not another rant about technology

Fear of Technology

To my peril, I have always been reluctant to adopt the latest techno-fad, probably because I have no confidence that I’ll be able to master it. I remember when email came to the university I avoided it for many months. One day it occurred to me that I hadn’t had to attend any meetings for some time. It was then that I discovered that notices of all meetings were being posted on email. The other amazing discovery was that no one missed me.

So I ask myself, what possessed me to start a blog? I guess it was my need to inspire others to take ownership for their own health and well-being through sharing my personal story. I was assured that blogging would be an easy way to support others as they struggled to find wellness and purpose as they aged.

The Learning Curve Begins

From a base of zero, (“what’s the difference between a blog and a post”) I began my adventure as a blogger. After considerable research I connected with a web builder. This didn’t work out as I realized that my lack of knowledge and skill required a more broad-based service. What I needed was someone to look after the tech stuff and leave me to do what I do best – the creative stuff.

Again I did my research and after considering a number of options, I chose GoDaddy as my host site.  A year and a half later I really question my research skills! I have been disappointed at every turn. What I came to realize was that what I wanted from the blog wasn’t what this host site was offering.

Obstacles, Obstacles, Obstacles

The latest disruption was caused when the platform for my blog was improperly migrated. For months I have been enduring the interminable phone hold and dealing with many different technicians – some excellent, some not so much. In fairness, I appreciate that some of the problems were due to my inability to adequately describe what I needed. The idea, however, that a major host site could be counted on to take care of the technology didn’t seem unreasonable – but I guess it was.

Follow Your Dream

Many of you are probably wondering why I don’t just give up on the whole project. Believe me, I have asked myself this many times over the past two years. Apart from the fact that it is not in my nature to give up, I feel strongly that documenting this frustrating process can inspire others to follow a dream no matter the difficulties.

I have found that going back over what I have learned and been able to accomplish with my blog gives me great satisfaction. Each time I blog, I figure something else out for myself – note the headings. I still can learn and I still have something to say! We need this as we grow older. Learning something new is better than any pill or potion as an antidote for mental decline. I love that I now have the confidence and the language to talk to techies. (Actually some of the words I have learned from my mechanic husband do come in handy once in a while).

Moving On

I present all of this as a way of explaining why my blogging has been so erratic. These past few months have been particularly frustrating. I have been assured by the service providers that the migrating mistakes have been corrected. We shall see.

There have continued to be issues with both notification to subscribers and posting comments. It appears that subscribers’ emails have been lost, so if you wish to receive notices, please resubscribe. If you have comments, I should be able to access them now. So please share your thoughts with me.

Thank you for sticking with me. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends who support me and listen to my rants about technology. I can only hope that if you are struggling to master something new you have such a great cheering section. In the face of the invasion of technology rethinking how we do the business of living and especially communicating, is essential if we are not to be left behind in the dust of change.


Technology is here to stay and if seniors are not to be left behind we need to use it to follow our dreams.

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Susanne Eden

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